Purple Kool-Aid & BCOM Students

Shades of Jim Jones and People’s Temple Cult

I told them, "Trust me, I'm an evangelist."











I said, “Trust me, I’m an evangelist.”

In the early ministry years, people accused me of putting a spell on people. “Oh, Tony, he’s a cultist?” That wasn’t true then but now…. heeeehhhehhhehhhhe!” Okay, so this isn’t a photo of mass suicide at all. This was the end result of Winterfest.

Sorry about the picture. I was rushed. They were all screaming at me because my flash was interrupting their movie viewing.



1 Response to “Purple Kool-Aid & BCOM Students”

  1. 1 Val Eliason
    February 3, 2009 at 1:47 am

    Hahahahaha!!! That is so funny! I would have never thought of that but now I see this picture through the eyes of a cultist!!! You are so funny, Tony. Gotta love you! Jesus told me to!

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