I’m finally out of the closet!


I am finally telling the truth about how I feel regarding high-sovereignty (Calvinism). Let me save you a lot of time and just cut to the chase. I don’t like it. Just because I don’t like it, isn’t enough. If you want specific examples of why I don’t like it, read the subsequent blogs.

I think that it is eisogetic, mind-control proselytism (“they make merchandise of men”) – as esoteric and unbiblical as Word-Faith, as speculative as open theism and as extra biblical as Mormonism. (“Oh, Tony, could you please tell us what you really think of Calvinism?”).   In a few words, I oppose it. I don’t even intend to co-exist along side of it.  I am not in the least charitable toward it. I am certainly no more charitable toward Calvinism than Calvinism is toward those holding any other view of sovereignty.

Further, I do not for one minute believe that their doctrine glorifies God. I think that it is distortion of the Christian God and more akin to Islam (fatalism) or Hinduism (dualism) than Christian theism. 

Pardon me if I don’t care how many books John Piper has written. Excuse me if I take exception to people who put him on a pedestal and bow to his every word (frankly, sometimes what he writes is pure drivel).  I think that he is wrong headed and he will ignore a hundred Scriptures for the sake of one. What scripture he cannot ignore, he will manipulate to suit his pre-determined philosophical conclusions. He will change literal language into figural and thus violate a principle rule of exegesis. To see what I mean, simply look at how he will twist the words, “whosoever” and “all.” A worse case still is their exegete of Hebrews 10:26-31 and many other similar portions. (Jehovah’s Witnesses do the same thing). I don’t really like this portion of scripture too much (it makes me uncomfortable) but I won’t mistreat it and make it say something it does not clearly say. One really needs to stop and ask themselves if Calvinists are as orthodox as they purport to be. Do they really honor the Word as they claim, or are they guilty of hemeneutical violence? They (Calvinists) “handle the word of God deceitfully.”

In the full counsel of God, I fail to recognize the character and the nature of God that he wants us to believe in. I intend to exercize my free will  and just state what I believe. I believe what high-Sovereignty teaches to be a devisive and dangerous distortion in the kingdom of God.

My thoughts regarding his recent blog:

The Tornado, the Lutherans and Homosexuality…


This entire discussion of tornadoes and steeples is absurd double talk.

According to Calvin and Piper… there can be no apostasy to rebuke since there is no possibility of falling away… you either is or you ain’t. By one’s own volition, there can be no willful turning from anything. Calvinism is theological determinism (fatalism).

A warning? Perhaps, but for who and for what purpose? Who stands to benefit from it the most? Certainly not the already condemned. Assuming, as consistent Calvinists should, that all men without Christ are dead, this event “awakens” no one. According to Calvin, dead men have no will. They are utterly depraved and in order to respond to God, they must first be resurrected.

Try to follow me here as I attempt to make a comparison…

Calvinist Fatalism and Dualism.

Mr. Piper submitted an interesting article to World Magazine on the 9/11 disaster arguing that this was the action of God for some ultimate good. As John Piper wrote in World Magazine (Title: “Governor of all: God was sovereign over Sept.11, and so we have hope.” October 6, 2001).

Consequently, if it is true, as Dr. Piper maintains, that God caused (all events are God caused) the destruction of the World Trade Center and the loss of more than 2,970 lives then, it is also true that He (God) is equally responsible for the event of January 22, 1973 (the Roe versus Wade decision). So we must conclude that it is ultimately God who has caused the deaths of more than 50,000,000 unborn babies (3,700 each day in America). In my mind, this is where ridgid high sovereignty must ultimately lead us. Regrettably, this is the God we wind up with.

Calvinists cannot have it both ways. In this issue of abortion, there is nothing for anyone to protest since protesting has no effect on any outcome as everything is the result of God’s own counsel and will. I hope to be made wrong but this is “miniscule sovereignty” as I understand it. Everything is caused and there is no “allowing” for anything. I know Calvinists have high sounding and convoluted explanations for how things happen – how their God is not culpable –   but, once more, it is all incomprehensible double-talk.

Here, see if I misunderstand something and tell me.

“Predestination we call the eternal decree of God by which He hath determined in Himself what He would have to become of every individual of mankind. For they are not all created with a similar destiny; but eternal life is foreordained for some, and eternal damnation for others… We assert that, by an eternal and immutable counsel, God hath once for all determined whom He would admit to salvation and whom He would condemn to destruction. We affirm that this counsel, as far as it concerns the elect, is founded on His gratuitous mercy, totally irrespective of human merit: but that to those whom He devotes to condemnation, the gate of life is closed by a just and irreprehensible, but incomprehensible judgment.”

John Calvin

Frankly, this statement is hard to fiddle with. Things are a foregone conclusion. We are stuck with the way things are. In Italian we say, “Che sara, sara.” “Faith does not come by hearing.” Faith comes solely by sovereign, divine decree.

My advice to a Calvinist? With a God as capricious as they give us  and an eternity as risky as they make it out to be, staunch Calvinists should never have children. But, of course, God’s will cannot be thwarted even if one should practice contraception (which many do). How absurd.


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