The Horrible Decree

I didn’t make this up…

“Predestination we call the eternal decree of God by which He hath determined in Himself what He would have to become of every individual of mankind.  For they are not all created with a similar destiny; but eternal life is foreordained for some, and eternal damnation for others…  We assert that, by an eternal and immutable counsel, God hath once for all determined whom He would admit to salvation and whom He would condemn to destruction.  We affirm that this counsel, as far as it concerns the elect, is founded on His gratuitous mercy, totally irrespective of human merit: but that to those whom He devotes to condemnation, the gate of life is closed by a just and irreprehensible, but incomprehensible judgment.

A comprehensive statement that incorporates the various elements of the Doctrine of Election into one concise paragraph.

 John Calvin                  

The Institutes of the Christian Religion II xxi. 4, and xxi. 7.


1 Response to “The Horrible Decree”

  1. September 21, 2009 at 2:32 am

    I wish this weren’t such a long comment. Could you give me something shorter? I’m afraid that people will be more inclined to read this as an article than a comment. By the way, there are non-Calvinists who accept the idea of “election to a task.” In other words, while not accepting the idea of particular predestination, they do believe that Abraham, Moses, Jeremiah, John the Baptist, Judas, Paul, Wesley, Luther and maybe even Calvin – even contemporary Christians – were and are called to a divine task.

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