Are you tolerant?

Providing a quick, intelligent, concise response for people who don’t have the time or inclination to read thick, ponderous books.


A challenge to the double standard of cultural hypocrisy.

Contemporary, postmodern culture despises intolerance. Is this true? Although I have no desire to promote the following ideals or individuals, what happens to your tolerance levels when I say, “Christian Coalition, Bible believer, Conservative Christian or Pro-Life?”

Perhaps some definition is in order?


Everyone should have equal protection under the law.


Everyone should be treated with respect. All people should work together for social justice.


Tolerance does not necessarily extend to accepting the validity of every philosophical position.

 There is an elitism of ideas, meaning that not all ideas are equalsome ideas are clearly superior to others.

A  Few Examples…

Democracy is a superior form of government to that of Nazi-Fascism.

           What do you think?

Circumcision of prepubescent girls is emotionally, physically and sexually harmful.

           What do you think?

Jesus’ teaching on forgiveness, “turn the other cheek,” is a better response to injustice than the declaration of an Islamic jihad (holy war).

           What do you think?

Who are the tolerant?

Tolerance is defined as “putting up with error while not being accepting of all views.

 We do not tolerate what we enjoy or approve of

like chocolate, Bach music or abortion.

By definition, what we tolerate is what we disapprove of or what we believe to be false or erroneous. Furthermore, tolerance presupposes an adequate grasp of what another person believes – as well as a knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of such belief. Actually, if disagreement didn’t exist, then tolerance would not be necessary. It is because real differences exist between people that tolerance becomes necessary and virtuous.”

Used by permission…  Paul Copan

True For You, But Not For Me

Bethany House, Minneapolis, MN                                                                                                              

With this distinction in mind, it may be that evangelical Christians are far more tolerant than all other segments of the contemporary culture.

I have been around long enough to know that those espousing popular secular culture are far less accommodating of my views than I am of theirs. Christian views are regularly censored out of public discussion. There is a form of censorship that is called prior constraint. If you don’t know what it is, look it up.

Who’s really burning the books?

It is wrong to judge others!

Postmodern culture maintains that it is wrong to judge another in respect to his or her behavior (except in the case of murder, rape or theft against their person, or racial slurs, etc., etc.) or opinion. Is it true that relativists open-mindedly celebrate diversity and are free of prejudice? Is it just the conservative absolutist who is guilty of judging others?

Here’s a simple test.

Analyze this…

Scenario 1

“Your white workmate is helping an African-American workmate unravel a problem in the computer data base. You over hear the white, in his frustration, call the African-American a “dumb N_______.” She looks up with hurt on her face. You denounce the white worker for prejudice and for hurting another’s feelings.”

To judge your white workmate is:

 Okay ______   Bad _______

 Scenario 2

“Your other friend at work announces she is getting divorced. She has fallen in love with another man, and although she has two children she has told her husband that she cannot, “live a lie.” Her husband and children are crushed, but she feels that “she must be true to herself.” You charge her with selfishness, lack of loyalty, and willingness to hurt another’s feelings.”

To judge your workmate is:

Okay ______   Bad _______

Of course relativists are making judgments. It’s just that the judgments being made must be socially acceptable or fit into their ethical (politically correct) presuppositions.

There are absolutely no absolutes 

(Remember, September 11, 2001)!

Except for a few new ones.

Postmodernists believe that there are no absolutes and that everything is relative. Is this last statement absolutely true? Is it true that you have your truth and I have my truth and that everyone may have an altogether different truth from that of everyone else? Does each individual live in a private universe of his or her own reality? If relativity and diversity is to be celebrated then why is it that thinking alike is the politically correct behavior? 

If there are new absolutes, who decides on what these absolutes should be?

The Post-Modern Ten Commandments


Politically correct rules that must not be violated.

Religion is the bane of public life, so for the public good it should be banned from the public square.Religion is the bane of public life, so for the public good it should be banned from the public square.

Human life, which begins and ends when certain individuals or groups decide it does, is valuable as long as it is wanted.

Marriage is a human contract made between two people, and either party can terminate it for any reason.

Family is any grouping of two or more people with or without children.

Sexual intercourse is permissible regardless of marital status.

All forms and combinations of sexual activity are moral as long as they occur between consenting parties.

Women are oppressed by men and must liberate themselves by controlling their own bodies and therefore their own destinies.

All human beings are created equal and should be treated with dignity and respect, but people of color should receive preferential treatment.

NonWestern societies and other oppressed peoples and their heritage should be studied and valued above Western civilization.

Only those viewpoints deemed politically correct should be tolerated and encouraged to prevail.”

 Quotations used by permission: Bethany House Publishing, Bloomington, MN


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