Homo, homo, homophobia? Really?


Often accused of  being homophobic, many Christians cave in and  have never carefully thought about how they might answer to the charge of homophobia. This short essay is designed to help them get their answer straight without defensiveness or hostility.

Think with me for a minute…

Would the same individuals who are opposed to homosexual practices also be opposed to heterosexual adultery? If they are, does this objection make these people “adulterophobic”? If a person opposes pornography are they necessarily “pornophobic”? The same might be true of opposition to incest, prostitution, pedophilia, bestiality, or divorce. Those who are opposed to homosexuality are the same people who are also opposed to all of the other previously mentioned activities. Why is objection to homosexuality singled out and labeled as “homophobia”?

Do these people really suffer from a phobia in the same way that people have a fear of snakes or flying?

Homosexuals claim that homosexuality is their “natural” sexual orientation. Because of this, they claim that homosexuality should be culturally and morally accepted as their “sexual orientation.”

Suppose a group of people feel sexually excited by the prospect of an incest relationship, should incest be declared normative?  Perhaps others are inclined toward preferring children to adults. Let’s say that some enjoy sex with animals rather than people.  What then?  Should society accommodate every sexual disposition simply because a group of people insist that it is “natural”?

Natural? Um…

Is homosexuality “natural” in the vast majority of species (lesbian cows, gay roosters)? What would a gay/lesbian farmer think if he (or she) came out the door one morning and discovered that the cows were all over in a corner ignoring the bull? Would they exclaim, “Yikes! Somethun’ ain’t normal!” You bet they would. We’d have a problem worse than global warming or swine flu. 


Is the sexual apparatus naturally suited to heterosexual or homosexual relationships? Duh???  

Those who oppose approving of homosexuality as a “natural” expression of sexuality (alternate lifestyle) are the very same people who oppose heterosexual adultery as “natural” sexual behavior. They are the same people who oppose heterosexuals having sexual relations outside of a monogamous marriage.

Suppose a married man (or woman) feels that it is “natural” (and, believe me, it sure seems that way) to have sexual relations with any person that he or she chooses, should society simply surrender and say, “Well, if it feels good, do it? Let’s just call it ‘natural’ (normal) behavior.” The fact is that no one can prevent any person from doing whatever pops into his or her head. Individuals are never denied their “free choice.”  What society can do, however, is not commend a person’s behavior as being personally, morally or socially beneficial.

By the way, society does have rules governing marriage. One cannot marry his sister, his first cousin or girls under the age of sixteen or in some states, eighteen. So far, they are not allowed to marry two people or ten at the same time. For the apparent good of society, limits are imposed on what people are permitted to do when it comes to marriage. Homosexuals are not necessarily singled out for discrimination.

Even in democracies, there is a danger in pandering to polls. History will tell you that majorities do not always know best when it comes to law making or governance. Assume, over a period of time, a majority of citizens comes to believe that any group of people, ethnic or otherwise are less than socially beneficial? This is what happened in 1937. It would not be safe for any minority to live in this kind of world.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

By the way, Christians who oppose homosexuality do find adultery and fornication between heterosexuals equally as offensive as homosexual behavior. Christian churches regularly discipline their members for improper heterosexual behavior. Churches are expected to have a moral vision and without it they simply become another civic club.

Is it possible that those involved in a hedonistic “free-sex” lifestyle (by the way, sex is never free) are… “moralophobic” or “Christophobic” more than those who oppose homosexuality are “homophobic”?

Should sexual restraint be viewed as something socially harmful? One should ask himself, “Has unbridled sexual activity (The Playboy philosophy) generated a stronger social fabric or has it left behind, in its wake, broken hearts, health, and homes?”

What if there really is a “homophobia”?

Now, I know that this piece of literature does not express a politically correct, culturally acceptable position. I know that this statement may not make friends. Still, knowing the unpopularity of my position, I write this argument. If I despise homosexuals, why would I bother about this issue?

While I can’t speak for everyone, I can speak for myself and say that I am willing to take the risk of being alienated in the hope that I can gain the attention of homosexuals and those who support homosexuality as an “alternative lifestyle.”

The Temporal /  Physical Concern…

First of all, if I had a fear of homosexuality or a hatred of homosexuals, I would ignore them rather than attempt to challenge them. By ignoring them I might be demonstrating a hope that they, as a group, might succumb to AIDS. Instead, I wish the opposite, that not one person would permit a fleeting moment of sexual promiscuity to result in the death of anyone.

The Transcendent / Spiritual Concern…

Second, I write this believing that there is a final accountability. As a Christian I must come at this from a biblical perspective.

The Bible says,

“Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God?

Do not be deceived.

Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers nor homosexuals, nor sodomites, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God.

And such were some of you…”


“You used to do these things but you don’t do them anymore.” I Corinthians 6:9-11a

It says the same thing in Greek

I don’t like these verses any better than you do. Why? Because, outside of God’s grace and help, I too, would find myself a candidate for this list along with everyone else. Notice that sexual sins are listed right alongside other kinds of sins. Heterosexual fornication and adultery are not treated any differently than homosexuality or sodomy.

For one minute put aside the fact that you don’t believe the Bible… and ask yourself the question, “What if I did believe what this passage says, what would I do?”

Well, if you cared one bit about the homosexual, the thief, and the drunkard, then you would just have to warn them that if they don’t repent, then they will not “inherit the kingdom of God.” If this is true, then caring about them as people requires taking a risk in telling them! Telling them is an act of love rather than one of condemnation.


7 Responses to “Homo, homo, homophobia? Really?”

  1. 1 lauradroege
    September 18, 2009 at 12:46 pm

    I agree with most of your points. I particularly liked how you pointed out that Christians are supposed to be against heterosexual sin, and your concern for others who are living sinful lifestyles.

    One point I’d like to make regarding this comment:
    “First of all, if I had a fear of homosexuality or a hatred of homosexuals, I would ignore them rather than attempt to challenge them.” My only point on this: Some people who fear or hate homosexuals DON’T ignore gays and lesbians. Some go out of their way to be publically hateful towards them: the “God hates fags” type of people.

    Obviously, that’s not your attitude at all! I wish all of us who believe homosexuality (along with heterosexual extramarital activity) is wrong would have such a heart and concern for other people. I also wish that we’d stop hating the sin AND the sinner.

    Laura @ Rise&Converge

  2. September 18, 2009 at 1:02 pm

    Good response Laura and I agree.

    I really find it disgusting that we treat homosexuality differently than we do divorce, for instance. Every Christian I know is against bigamy (having two spouses at once) though we don’t mind bigamy if we have four in a row (serial monogamy).

    The homosexual community accuses us of not having a voice in the marriage debate because we don’t honor marriage ourselves and I partly agree. We really have nothing to say to those outside of the church when it comes to morality. Paul says, “God will judge.” Yet, I do think that we, as Christians have every right (like everyone else) to express our moral conscience and opinion regarding the shape of the society our children will inherent. In Canada this is disallowed. I don’t like the way in which we are silenced and shouted down. The pejorative label, “homophobic” is one of the devices for doing just that.


    • 3 DaveMatthews
      February 2, 2011 at 3:54 pm

      Im pretty much with ya on this. I really have a problem with the hatred the public and the church have when it comes to gay people.Im not gay but I know some gay people and they are just…well people.I do know homophobia is real,not to be crude but I know guys that’ll eat a hotdog sideways because it implies theyre gay….but boy oh boy they’ll watch lesbian porn all day long!(Im not talkin church folk here b.t.w.)I just believe that homosexuality is uncomfortable to our flesh,so as Christians ,if we can find scripture to back us up, we are justified. As for gay animals ,it happens all the time ,Ive got 2 large dogs ,males and they will engage in homosexual activity.I remember in social studies, being taught about society,how when you put rats into an over populated situation,all kinds of “sins”occur,homosexuality.canibalism,incest…..and thats the animal kingdom. Unless you have 1st hand experience or know someone who is gay,its hard to make a rightious call.when did we “decide”to be hetoralsexual??…I dont remember..do you? I know this I am commanded to love my neibour as Christ loves me..if I feel a hate for someone,and lets be real and honest,we usually hate the sinner,not just the sin,then Im the one that better seek God. my daughter has a lesbian friend…Id like to invite her to church one day….but truthfully,I dont know how’d she be accepted.I would take a drug addict ,a drunkard,somebody thats been married 20 times it’d be all good …but a gay,She’d be as singled out like a nazi.We wont straighten out society ever..but we’re supposed to be a light..something different than the world,so lets offer the world something different,that being the love of God through Christ,not just more judgement and hatred!!its just sin thats all,for all have sinned and fell short..including me ,including you!.wanna straighten up society.love them like Jesus ..yes even the gays

      • February 3, 2011 at 8:39 pm

        See my tract… What I would like to say to Marilyn Manson. I think that you’d like it. It should be on my blog. Do a search and if it is not on there then ask me for it and I’ll mail it to you.

      • 5 DaveMatthews
        February 3, 2011 at 9:18 pm


  3. 6 Mark
    March 17, 2013 at 5:35 am

    Let’s stir it up a little ea?
    Heterosexual acts of sin and state law regulation on them differ from state to state. I believe that only God can truly judge a person for their acts. I believe that Nobody should force or even manipulate someone into any kind of sexual act. I believe that Homosexual acts that are mutual are not harmful to the individual or “family”. My reasons being thus;
    The human condition for procreation(heterosexuality) is undeniably a more natural human condition. Pope Francis’s belief that same sex marriage rights is a threat to the family is just wrong, because no matter how much society encourages homosexual behavior (from media to law), it will never win out over heterosexuality or family. To think that family values will ever be threatened is not necessary because the family will always be valued as long as the human race exists. Family is too important and does not need to be defended against an “evil” that has no threat.
    Right and wrong are for God to decide, not for his sons and daughters to. I also strongly believe that inset, and pedophilia are far more destructive and unnatural than homosexuality and comparing them is extremely insulting to the homosexual community. Rape is far more common in pedophilia and insect. Also It is true that AIDS does not discriminate between homosexuals and heterosexuals. Furthermore a homosexual act is not a deadly one.
    Yes, I like to debate,,… One more concern, I do not recommend anyone to have an abortion…it is a cruel act and I believe that the government and church need to really get their acts together in supporting and creating more and better adoption facilities in this dangerous world full of homeless children and irresponsible parents. Anti-abortion laws however is definably not the answer, (since there are more back-alley abortions and very dangerous illegal-clinical abortions in countries where it is illegal than there are abortions in countries where it is legalized and 99% safer.) In other words, Abortion is much less common and 99% more safe is countries that legalize it. How do the pro-life community resound to this fact???
    In conclusion, creating prohibition laws actually influences more people to commit crimes, set up illegal abortion clinics, have back-alley abortions, hide or deny their sexuality (also not safe), and do hard drugs. (In a society where smoking Marihuana is illegal, people who do smoke are now associated with being a hard drug addict, or criminal…. when alcohol and tobacco are more damaging to the mind, body and is physically addictive ((as opposed to habit forming))) What this world needs is more adoption clinics(because their will always be abortion legal or not), more pro-education and more anti-prohibition. Thank you for reading my comment. I welcome your response.

    • March 18, 2013 at 12:12 am

      Hi, Mark,
      As best I could I responded on my new Android phone and when I went to send I lost it. Here is the gist of what I said. I could agree with you on many things and write a rebutle on many others. This was the problem. You covered so much, from the Pope to marijuana to abortion to prohibition and all of this in no consistent fashion so it would be impossible to comment in any coherent way. Here, let me simply say, that you are entitled to your opinion as I am to mine and basically this is what blogs are about. Because it is my blog I can spend my opinion as I please. For the record however, I do not advocate legislating morality. people can vote and do as they please but though “hand join in hand, the wicked will not go unpunished.” “God is not mocked.” Nothing you have said challenges what I have written. I have not separated homosexuality out as a particularly vile sin. I have not attempted to make the claim that I don’t have my own issues as all followers of Jesus do. Here is what I have said, I have said that I prefer the conservative approach to scripture and do not believe that the Bible is to be amended to suit ourselves and polls will not make evil, good. If I error, I will err on the conservative side, so when I sin, I don’t pass it off as a mistake or a weakness. I call it what it is. I agree with God. I do not see that homosexuals are willing to do the same though the Bible calls this activity an “abomination.” Perhaps “ABOMINATION” is the strongest word the Bible uses for sin. Now, if there is no God and if the Bible is not his revealed Word to man then ignore it and do as you please at your own peril. This puts the ball in your court. For me, I have nothing more to say on the subject than what I have thus far said.

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