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Let’s legalize marijuana, dude!

My response to a question on Facebook.

Oh, yeah… how medicinal is it in California? All we need is just a little crack in the door. Marijuana is becoming California’s number one cash crop and it started with, “Ahhhwwww gee folks, what about those people who are in pain?”

Why yes, of course we should. What a splendid idea, worthy of thoughtful consideration.

I remember how wonderful it was when I couldn’t figure out which glass to drink from.

Then there was another time when I was certain that the Christmas turkey was in the oven backwards and brought the subject up over and over for three hours and once we had it cooked and even though I had the munchies, I failed to be able to eat the durn thing so we just left it the counter for a day and a half. We need more of this. I grew up in the beat-hip generation. Where are they now?


Similarly, I love the idea how we have legalized alcohol. That was a good idea. I won’t even go to a pro football game because I don’t want to hear streams of profanity and have to watch people go to the toilet – right there.

We need to buy more booze so we have to hire more cops, prison guards and social workers. I want to pay higher automobile insurance rates than I paid last year. We need not just one or two drugs on the street. We need to flood America with more drugs so that we can help our enemies and have more social disorder, violence in our streets and on our borders. Let’s just go crazy if we ain’t already crazy enough.

Ummmm speaking of crazy. “Hey, dude, this is far out… “Ya know wha’ I’m sayun, man?… Ya, know wha I’m sayun, unh, uhn…?”

I think we need more women and children abused and neglected. We need to wake up the next morning and ask ourselves, “Why was I so stupid last night?” or “Who is this in my bed?” or “Where did all of my money go?” or  “How am I go’na get all of this puke cleaned up?” We need to really ask ourselves if we want to drive across the city at two am on a Saturday morning. We need more of this.

Let’s legalize pot… and meth too. I mean, since we can’t control it, let’s just make it legal and make some money off it. In fact, the love of money may BE the root of all evil if California has its way. Legalize marijuana and pay off the state deficit.

I think that we should open the insane asylums up and let them all onto the streets too. That way, you’ll never know what someone is going to do or say. Instead of medicating or institutionalizing the insane let’s get more of it – let’s legalize temporary insanity and get every body stoned, man. Give peace a chance… all I am saying is give peace a chance… God rest Jimy Hendrix, James Morrison, Janice Joplin and the list goes on and on. Excuse me, I’m running out of chatter, mellow out man, chill. Excuse me, cool yer jets, give me a sec, I have to take another toke.

Now lem’me see here, what were talkin’ ’bout?
Don’t be offended, I’m just having some fun with this one. I don’t care much what people do. They can all go jump off the Golden Gate Bridge if they want to. As for me, I intend to keep my head on. I lost it for a few years in the sixties. If you remember the sixties, you weren’t there, man.