Let’s legalize marijuana, dude!

My response to a question on Facebook.

Oh, yeah… how medicinal is it in California? All we need is just a little crack in the door. Marijuana is becoming California’s number one cash crop and it started with, “Ahhhwwww gee folks, what about those people who are in pain?”

Why yes, of course we should. What a splendid idea, worthy of thoughtful consideration.

I remember how wonderful it was when I couldn’t figure out which glass to drink from.

Then there was another time when I was certain that the Christmas turkey was in the oven backwards and brought the subject up over and over for three hours and once we had it cooked and even though I had the munchies, I failed to be able to eat the durn thing so we just left it the counter for a day and a half. We need more of this. I grew up in the beat-hip generation. Where are they now?


Similarly, I love the idea how we have legalized alcohol. That was a good idea. I won’t even go to a pro football game because I don’t want to hear streams of profanity and have to watch people go to the toilet – right there.

We need to buy more booze so we have to hire more cops, prison guards and social workers. I want to pay higher automobile insurance rates than I paid last year. We need not just one or two drugs on the street. We need to flood America with more drugs so that we can help our enemies and have more social disorder, violence in our streets and on our borders. Let’s just go crazy if we ain’t already crazy enough.

Ummmm speaking of crazy. “Hey, dude, this is far out… “Ya know wha’ I’m sayun, man?… Ya, know wha I’m sayun, unh, uhn…?”

I think we need more women and children abused and neglected. We need to wake up the next morning and ask ourselves, “Why was I so stupid last night?” or “Who is this in my bed?” or “Where did all of my money go?” or  “How am I go’na get all of this puke cleaned up?” We need to really ask ourselves if we want to drive across the city at two am on a Saturday morning. We need more of this.

Let’s legalize pot… and meth too. I mean, since we can’t control it, let’s just make it legal and make some money off it. In fact, the love of money may BE the root of all evil if California has its way. Legalize marijuana and pay off the state deficit.

I think that we should open the insane asylums up and let them all onto the streets too. That way, you’ll never know what someone is going to do or say. Instead of medicating or institutionalizing the insane let’s get more of it – let’s legalize temporary insanity and get every body stoned, man. Give peace a chance… all I am saying is give peace a chance… God rest Jimy Hendrix, James Morrison, Janice Joplin and the list goes on and on. Excuse me, I’m running out of chatter, mellow out man, chill. Excuse me, cool yer jets, give me a sec, I have to take another toke.

Now lem’me see here, what were talkin’ ’bout?
Don’t be offended, I’m just having some fun with this one. I don’t care much what people do. They can all go jump off the Golden Gate Bridge if they want to. As for me, I intend to keep my head on. I lost it for a few years in the sixties. If you remember the sixties, you weren’t there, man.


8 Responses to “Let’s legalize marijuana, dude!”

  1. 1 Heidi
    August 5, 2010 at 6:53 pm

    Thank you for taking the time to write this. Your insight is very helpful.

  2. 2 Elisa
    June 25, 2011 at 6:32 am

    Tony, I was trying to think of something smart to write for your July post since it has been an area of conviction and transformation in my life, but I think commenting on this post will be much easier!

    What is interesting to me about drugs is the influence they have on our brains and the connections between the mentally ill and the drug abusers. In the sixties, it was a common occurrence for a mental illness to develop as a result of certain drugs on a genetically ‘predisposed’ brain. It seems that heroine, crack, and acid were the stronger drugs of choice for that decade, which cause an influx of dopamine. The body reacts to the influx by establishing more receptors for this ‘feel-good’ neurotransmitter. The influx of reception is what causes schizophrenic symptoms. In the 60’s, medicine caused a decrease of dopamine which resulted in the development of Parkinson’s disease in patients. Today’s 15x stronger, genetically modified marijuana can cause such a reaction as well but the medications to treat the effects have less damaging effects.

    This is absolutely devastating to many people and their families! Now factor in intelligence. When a mentally ill, drug addicted, highly intelligent person cannot function to their greatest capacity, though it is possible for them to do so, it is even more of a discouragement. Add on hippie-new age religion and you’ve got a real mud pie of a life.

    In conclusion, I suppose if a person wants pot, they will do what they can to obtain it, but for the sake of those who may not fully understand the risk they take with the puffing of their ‘god-given grass’, I wish to advocate that one considers the potential effects. Drug dealers should check themselves–when they are on their deathbed and they look back on their lives, will they be glad that they had a hand in developing mental illnesses in approximately 1 out of 4 teenage pot smokers?

    Will the Lord redeem them? I would presume so; after all, Jesus was not absent from the lepers, the blind, the cold-hearted, the faithless, or the demon-possessed! His love is great
    …here were just some thoughts…I get a bit passionate about this topic. Thanks for your voice on this issue 🙂

    • June 25, 2011 at 12:21 pm

      My article was mostly written to illlustrate, in a humorous way, how unthoughtful it is to advocate the legalization of insanity. Thanks for your more intelligent viewpoint. I was one of those hippies from Haight-Ashbury in the sixties and yes, “His hand is not shortened that it cannot save.”.

  3. 4 Renee
    July 9, 2011 at 1:51 pm

    Okay, so let me get this straight. You say that marijuana has all these terrible effects on people?? Okay so let me tell you what I know, I mean cause we’re only writing out of humor right?
    Before WWII, Hemp was legal, and was able to be grown, and WAS grown for everything, everywhere throughout the united states. People used it for clothes, because the fibers are one of the strongest there is, stronger than cotton. They used it for paper, hell even George Washington and his pals did when they were writing the declaration. How many years has it been?? Not only paper, it can be used as a substitute for gas. Instead of putting crap in the air like we are now, setting up horrid plants that have gases that increase the greenhouse effect, why the fuck wouldn’t the government use it?
    I’ll tell you why, Because ignorant jerks like you are around saying that, what? We’re going to kill ourselves? Here’s more insight for you. Scientists tested on monkeys that using marijuana will kill your brains cells if you smoke thirty “joints” a day for a year. Well I’ve been studying this for years, and you wanna know the truth about what there Government scientists did?? They forced marijuana filled gas masks over the monkeys mouths, and suffocated them like this for three months, than they showed the results of dead brain cells. Anyone who smokes pot would know that, they’re going to actually breath, not be forced to do anything more than they want. A “pot-smoker” is classified as people who smoke this much and more a day and act ignorant and foolish, as people like you would say. Well get Cheech and Chong out of your head. A pot smoker and be classified as a person who smokes, maybe three times a week, or twice a day etc. They can do as little or more as they want.
    Next, lung cancer?? Let’s see, what is Marijuana grown with. Do you know all the fertilizers that are used for Marijuana plants? Depending on how many you have, two maybe three, depending if the grower wants to change the fertilizer, mix it, etc. Growers buy from garden shops like Wal-mart, or Menards, farm and fleet. They aren’t using this cryptic, radioactive crap that tobacco farms use for their plants. Marijuana growers’ plants to them, are like precious, delicate, beautiful things to them. Like they’re children. They look after the plants, feed water, nurture them to pure bliss. Growers tend to care more about what they’re growing, and what they want to sell, AND use for that matter.
    Not only that, Methamphetamines, are strictly different in every way, shape, and form than Marijuana. How dare you even write that. I want you to look up what’s the similarities between the two. I bet you, that you will find no evidence stating that these two, “drugs” are similar. Marijuana has, wait, ready?? NEVER BEEN THE REASON OF ANY HUMAN BEINGS DEATH. The number one thing, out of everything, is Cigarettes. Marijuana is at the bottom of the list. Even caffeine is before Marijuana. Now tell me its a horrible thing. You see drunk driving and crap on the roads, people dying etc. Pot smokers, usually get an adrenaline rush, or simply just relax when they’re driving. More people are aware.
    Sure if we legalize it, it’s be like any other drug. We’ll have to keep it away from children, etc. Nowadays, parents can’t help the fact that they’re children steal alchohal, or snatch a cigarette. But it’d still be illegal for children under eighteen.
    I’m not saying to legalize it, because growers would have a hard time making their profits, especially if government taxes were placed. Just to decriminalize it.
    Before you go off about something that you think you know about just out of sarcastic wit, know that Marijuana, to some, is extremely important for them, concerning their heath etc. You, sir, also need to get your facts straight, because some of the things you wrote, were highly offensive, to viewers, as well as me.

    • July 9, 2011 at 2:14 pm

      You’ve just proved my point. Drugs makes people irrational and crazy.

    • July 9, 2011 at 2:26 pm

      Oh, yes, and it also makes them foul mouthed (f’un this, f’un that) without an ounce of self control. I know almost everything you have spent so much time on. My point is this. We need to legalize temporary insanity. It makes sense to legalize substances that whack people out even if only for a few hours. I’m talkin from expereince baby. You can’t fool me…. been there, done that – Haight-Ashbury 1966-68. Tell me all of the virtues of Marijuana… compare it to heroin… lsd… cocaine… meth… please convince me of the virtues of dope. Tell me how other things are just as habit forming as is pot. Please tell me all of this. It won’t make any difference. I don’t think booze is a good idea either. I think it is nuts to legalize insanity of any kind.This isn’t what you think. Okay, it isn’t what you think. Who cares. This is my blog and right here, right now, it only matters what I think.

      • July 9, 2011 at 6:59 pm

        I think you are bieng ridiculous, generalizing and especially condescending. Many well-educated, well-mannered adults such as myself are avid consumers of cannabis.

        I think your problem lies in that the only benefit you can find in pot, is the temporary pleasure it gives to users, and while I won’t deny that this is a fun bonus, this is not the reason I and many others choose to consume this drug. I was born with faulty dopamine and serotonin levels. As such, I have ADHD, social anxieties and depression. Over the years, I have tried out many different prescription drugs, and of course, cannabis. And none of the legal drugs had so much benefit and so little side-effects as marijuana. Believe me, I could not function today were it not for the benefits of cannabis.

        So I would appreciate if you would not generalize us as a bunch of foul-mouthed irrational crazies who use this fantastic drug as a way to be “whacked out” for a couple of hours, and maybe consider there are those of us who actually need this.

      • July 9, 2011 at 9:04 pm

        No doubt I am being ridiculous and generalizing so help me out here.

        What percentage of cannabis users would you describe as being like yourself, well-educated, well-mannered adults, born with faulty dopamine and serotonin levels? What percentage have ADHD, social anxieties and depression? Then, on the other hand, what percentage might be foul-mouthed, irrational crazies using this fantastic drug as a way to be “whacked out ” for a couple of hours? Would you like for me to publish the emails I have recieved from the foul-mouthed, irrational crazies? Maybe I am only hearing from the less than well-educated and well-mannered folks?

        Don’t be defensive. Let me remind you. I am not just picking on your drug of choice. I oppose all drugs that turn people into irrational, crazies that might like to get “whacked out” for a couple of hours. I just think it’s nuts to legalize insanity for whatever reason. For those people who don’t like what I write on this subject, let me refer them to “High Times” magazine. In this publication they will only have to hear what they want to hear.

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