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As they say, “If the shoe fits wear it.”

How many readers… do harm to themselves?

By Philipp Jacob Spener


 “If… they read the Scriptures without sincere prayer and the purpose to obey God, but only to get knowledge, to make a show, and to exercise their curiosity upon them…

If they do not observe what is useful for their edification, but only what they can use for their glory and against others

If they despise what the Scriptures simply stated and what is easy to comprehend.

If, on the contrary, they take up only difficult passages, about which, about which there is much dispute, in order to discover in them something unusual and to make a show before others.

If they use what they have learned with pride and for their own glory

If they think they alone are wise, obstinately refuse better instruction, love to quarrel, and receive nothing from others with modesty.”

Taken from…

“The Life You’ve Always Wanted”

John Ortberg