“Helter Skelter” and the moral confusion gripping the American church.


I am a fan of Dallas Willard.

In his book, Renovation of the Heart (pg. 43), under the subheading “Helter Skelter,” he writes, “The man who prosecuted the infamous Manson family for their murders later wrote a book entitled, Helter Skelter. This phrase was taken from a song formed by a well-known rock music group. Manson used it to characterize the state of confusion in which he kept his followers, and himself as well. In a state of helter-skelter nothing makes sense, and everything makes as much sense as anything else . So, for example, when you cut someone’s throat or stab them repeatedly and they die, you didn’t really kill them and they didn’t really die. That was Manson’s teaching.”

Whether it is Brain McLaren or Rob Bell, I sense a confusion philosophically akin to  “Helter-Skelter.”  More and more I am having to defend my blogs against those who call themselves “Christians” but have given up on a “moral vision” for individual believers and the church. In response to my tract “Homo, homo, homophobia,. Really?” read my response to Mark’s comment. I think I make sense. Helter-Skelter.” To see Mark’s comment go to https://tonyhedrick.wordpress.com/2009/09/18/homo-homo-homphobia/

Hi, Mark,
As best I could I responded on my new Android phone and when I went to send it I lost it. Here is the gist of what I said. I could agree with you on many things and write a rebuttal on many others. This was the problem. You covered so much, from the Pope to marijuana to abortion to prohibition and all of this in no consistent fashion so it would be impossible to comment in any coherent way. Here, let me simply say, that you are entitled to your opinion as I am to mine and basically this is what blogs are about. Because it is my blog I can spend my opinion as I please. For the record however, I do not advocate legislating morality. people can vote and do as they please but, “though hand join in hand, the wicked will not go unpunished.” “God is not mocked.” Nothing you have said challenges what I have written. I have not separated homosexuality out as a particularly vile sin. I have not attempted to make the claim that I don’t have my own issues as all followers of Jesus do. Here is what I have said, I have said that I prefer the conservative approach to scripture and do not believe that the Bible is to be amended to suit ourselves and polls will not make evil, good. If I err, I will err on the conservative side, so when I sin, I don’t pass it off as a mistake or a weakness. I call it what it is. I agree with God. I do not see that homosexuals (or those that support homosexuality as normal) are willing to do the same though the Bible calls this activity an “abomination.” Perhaps “ABOMINATION” is the strongest word the Bible uses for sin. Now, if there is no God and if the Bible is not his revealed Word to man then ignore it and do as you please at your own peril. This puts the ball in your court. For me, I have nothing more to say on the subject than what I have thus far said.


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