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EVERY MAN WILL HAVE TO GIVE ANSWER FOR FOR HIS OWN SOUL. We (even Christians) have lost our sense of shame. 

Why I oppose the word “MARRIAGE” being used for homosexual unions. Some twenty years ago one of my old friends “came out.” I met him on the street and inquired how he was and how he was doing. He said fine and had changed his job. I said, “What are you doing now?” He told me that he had a great job working for a homosexual lobby called, “Synergistics.” “What do you do?”I inquired? “I am paid to find the best homosexual spokespersons I can and get them into mainstream media. In twenty years, we hope to ‘normalize’ homosexual relationships.” The specific word, “Marriage” is the only word that would accomplish that goal. They may have normalized homosexuality, but they will never ” naturalize” it. It is sin. It is no worse a sin than any other sin, but is, nevertheless, sin. I will not call good, evil nor will I call evil, good. 

Jesus said, 
“I have not come to bring peace, nay, but a sword, for this gospel will separate members of his own household, brother against brother.” 
“Tho hand join in hand, the wicked shall not go unpunished.” 
“There was no judge in Israel so every man did what was right in his own eyes.” 

I believe that I will be held accountable for my loyalty to the Word of God. “Hhiiiiisssss…”But, did God say?” The answer comes from the very lips of Jesus in the wilderness, “It is written…It is written…It is written.” ROMANS 1:32 “Who knowing the judgment if God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, NOT ONLY DO THE SAME, but have pleasure in them that do them.” Those that I love, I warn.


Resting Upon Their Laurels

Over the years many believers become DUSTY, MUSTY, RUSTY and in some cases LUSTY. Usually there are two underlying reasons for this, sex or in most cases, BITTERNESS. People go on pretending, going through the motions but have lost their first love. Like the Church at Sardis, they “have a reputation for being alive but they are dead!”
How did it happen? It’s never a blow-out and almost always a slow leak. They never wake up one morning, slap their hands together and say, “That’s it! I’m done with it.” They simply pitch their tents toward Sodom and continue to occupy a pew. The rest slides downhill and becomes history. 
It usually starts with some small thing like and infraction or an oversight of one kind or another. For people who find themselves entangled in resentment, I suggest they read, “The Bait of Satan.” 
The scriptures advise us to, “Endure hardness as good soldiers of Jesus Christ.” I’m pretty certain the Savior had no reasons to drop-out. We are further counseled to “Quit ye like men!” (Stand up like a man!). Paul, the other Apostles and martyrs had some conviction regarding this. Yet, so many modern saints abandon both post and duty and go on about with the “cares of the world, deceitfulness of riches and the love of other things,” leaving the trenches to the beleaguered few. 
It was David Livingstone who said, “Early in my Christian life I determined to be an exemplary Christian.” After being denied commissioning to the Congo he went anyway and hacked his way into heart of the jungles and the African heart. Upon hearing this news, others wanted to volunteer. The London Missionary Society sent an inquiry to Livingstone telling him that other young men wished to come and join him in his work and could he recommend a safe road. He wrote back, “Keep them at home, I only want men who will come if there is no road at all.” 
The great Presbyterian preacher, Bruce Dunn said this, “They say that Christianity is dead. It’s done for! Well if that’s the case – in the vernacular of the Old West – I’m going out with my guns a blazing!” How about you?
Those I love, I warn.


It’s the BULL’S EYE and not the Target

I am finding the beliefs of “Christians” more and more baffling. They seem to think that what one believes is purely subjective. This is at it’s core New Age. New Age thought is the opposite of the Christian faith as given to the Apostles. “I will just add a little of this, a little of that to suit myself.” I will “Christianize” it by giving it some twist.

I am sorry to report that just hitting the target might work in New Age but not in Christianity. Hitting the bulls eye is critical to being what it means to be Christian. Sure, it can be argued that we but “see through a glass darkly” and that’s true. I am not talking about we don’t or cannot know here. I am talking about what is crystal clear. First, Jesus – agreeing with who he is and what he said – is essential to being a authentic Christian. Next, did Paul teach it? This is the next litmus test of Orthodoxy and then finally, did the Apostles endorse it and the Church practice it? Put your beliefs to this test. Those I love, I warn.


I am neither Vague nor Vogue

I am often accused of being unrealistic – viewing the world in black and white when it is actually gray – FIFTY SHADES OF IT. I know it’s gray but those same people never ask, 
“Was it meant to be gray?” 
“How did it get gray?”
There could be many more questions I’d like to ask those who busily and happily go about turning the lights down. This all started with the first question in the Bible and it was said with a hiss, “Did God say?” Jesus gave his answer in the wilderness when he replied with, “It is written.” Many don’t care. They are not only satisfied with gray, they wallow in it. There is no city upon the hill. Those I love, I warn.



Have you ever felt ashamed? I often feel ashamed even when it might have been only a private thought but I am surprised how so many who call themselves “Christian” are neither embarrassed or apologetic regarding themselves or the fallen culture they live in. In fact, some go so far as to endorse and encourage what the Bible calls evil conduct. Whether ashamed or not, they will be found GUILTY for their actions or inaction for word, thought and deed. These are impenitent “wells without water.” They sow to the wind and WILL reap the consequence of the whirlwind. They thumb their collective noses at God. Paul said these are “ENEMIES of the cross of Christ. Their end is destruction (tares in among the wheat) their god is their belly ( temporal sensuality and lasciviousness) and they GLORY in their SHAME, with minds set on earthly things. Those that I love, I warn.


Three Objections to Christianity

Frank Turek of CrossExamined responds.



If it’s so good was doesn’t it work in Calcutta?

It is said that,

“Every major problem that India has can be traced back to its religious ideas.”

A note to the reader.

Intelligence is measured by the ability to make fine distinctions. The finer the distinction, the more intelligent the creature is. I write this to tell you that this article has nothing to do with the Indian people except in so far as their religious philosophies have impacted both eastern and western culture. This investigation is directed toward the modern, North American phenomenon of NeoPaganism or “New Age” religion and those that promote it.

There is nothing NEW about “New Age” religion!

The historical religion of India has been Hinduism. Both Hinduism and the New Age (revived paganism) are rooted in pantheism and polytheism.  In other words, everything is god and god is everything.  You’re a god, I’m a god, everything’s a god… a god here, a god there, everywhere a god, god… monkeys, rats, snakes, cows, bugs and so on.  Even inanimate things like dung are Deity.

Karmic Law…

North American “New Agers” are attracted to karma and reincarnation. Unfortunately they fail to consider the logical implications of this philosophical system.

Basically this is how the law of karma works.  If you go through life and do pretty well you will experience “good karma” and come back in better shape in the next life and apparently this takes place through the means of reincarnation.  For instance, if you were a roach you might advance to a rabbit and so forth.  Now if you do bad things in this life you may wind up with “bad karma”.  If this happens you end up as a ”bottom feeder” in the spiritual evolutionary chain.  (By the way, if behavioral goodness has anything to do with this, most Americans had better prepare to start out as maggots in the reincarnation cycle).   If you were a rabbit you come back as a chicken.  You keep coming back until you get it right. No one knows what you have to do to, “GET IT RIGHT.”  Now it doesn’t work exactly like this but you get the basic idea. Hinduism is a kind of philosophical crap-shoot. Let me show you why.

Rarely mentioned

examples of authentic karma

In authentic Hinduism males are considered to have experienced better karma than females.  Thus, it always surprises me that western women go in for this eastern reincarnation stuff.

In extreme forms of Hinduism (Janism) devotees wear a mask over their mouths so that they won’t inadvertently swallow a gnat (uhh…Uncle Harry?).

In the cities of Calcutta or Bombay one can easily observe the evidence of karmic law all around them.  Here you will see folks with “bad karma” begging on the streets.  They are called the untouchables and they, according to karmic law, deserve this lot in life because (well…shucks) that’s just their karma. If they were born poor, crippled, blind or diseased, they deserved it.  Don’t stop and help them because you’ll mess up their karma.  This is Darwin’s “Survival of the Fittest” at work in real life.  Karmic law is a fatalistic cycle of uncertainty and despair.

Only in America are we able to twist karma into a positive philosophy.  Everyone has had an absolutely marvelous prior existence.  New Age karma never brings a person back as a roach or a mass murderer.  In their former lives New Age followers were always famous ballerinas or captains on sailing ships.  Everyone in New Age karma is a Brahman (the highest caste).

 Collectively considered,

Does the nation of India Have a bad case of  karma?

If karma works, then India appears to have a bad case of karma.  India has some of the worst poverty in the world.  The nation is plagued by drought, starvation, disease and natural disasters of unusual proportion.  Anyone that has ever paid a visit to India recognizes that it is a nation filled with hopelessness. These are not ethnic slurs – these are simply the facts.

The Indian Hindu masters and transcendental gurus, with all of their supposed metaphysical enlightenment, have not been able to make the principles of New Age religion work in India, or for that matter, in any other region of the world.  I challenge the New Age practitioners to first prove their principles in Calcutta before they come to Hollywood $$$. If they can transform Calcutta by positive thinking then, and only then, should we embrace their ideas.

Pretentious, North American mystics like Deepak Chopra, (he knows a dollar when he sees one), Marrianne Williamson, Gary Zukaw, Neale Donald Walsch, etc., etc.  are unwilling to spend any of their time in Viet Nam, Laos, Cambodia, Somalia, Sudan or the Congo. The obvious question is… WHY NOT?  Perhaps it’s because their fallacious seminars, books and tapes on crystals, positive mental attitude, channeling, visualization technique, and spiritual guides has little sales appeal in a society where the masses are struggling to survive on a per capita annual income that is less than $300 a year.  The New Age’s promises of health, wealth and status manages to side step 90% of the world’s population where millions suffer from diseases that are far more critical than the elite afflictions of such things as tennis elbow.   You can’t eat a bowl of “Positive Thinking”.


New Age mysticism is about getting your money by exploiting your poor self esteem.


That’s  what it’s about and that’s all 

it’s about!

Now here’s a stupid  idea…

Americans should adopt the Hindu (New Age) philosophies of India, including karma, reincarnation, the caste system, relativism and so forth. India is Exhibit “A” on how well this stuff works. India has had almost three millennia in which to prove Hinduism and its multiplicity of gods.

It should be important to remember “western civilization didn’t give us Christianity.  Christianity has given us western civilization.”

The fact is- a false idea or a bad idea cannot, no matter how sincerely believed, make the false idea true or make a bad idea more brilliant.

Designer religion…

Why are North Americans so willing to adopt such fuzzy religious ideas?  Well for one thing, Americans are very individualistic.  They like choice.  They reject dogma.  They like to make it up for themselves and the available smorgasbord of New Age allows people to pick and choose whatever they like.  They can mix a little of the east, some of the teachings of Jesus, some occultism, astrology, kabala, goddess worship and Wicca, throw it all in the pot and always be able to say, “I’m a spiritual person.”

Next, New Age makes no demands except that you make no absolute claims. This allows people to be as immoral as they like and still feel good about themselves.  You‘re a god but you just didn’t know that you were a god. (It’s an interesting god that can’t remember that they are a god.)  There is no external final accountability.  Whatever your conscience will allow, that’s what you can do.  Who’s to say what’s true and what’s false, right or wrong?  This kind of thinking permits Roseanne, Madonna and Cher to go on national television and say, “We’re very spiritual people.”

Yeah right,

and my dog does calculus.

Finally, New Age religion gives the illusion of doing something important while never really having to decide on anything of importance.  As long as a person appears to be looking for truth and meaning he or she can keep their options open.  Nevertheless, no decision is still a decision.  It is a decision not to decide.  We can remain tolerant and likeable.  Truth is relative and flexible. Your truth is your truth, my truth is my truth…baloney.  I’m sorry, that’s just not true.


Just because you don’t happen to know the absolute truth doesn’t mean that there isn’t an absolute truth that can be known.

Frankly, I don’t like

the law of gravity.

Some truths exist that I can make no contribution to.  For instance, I don’t like the law of gravity anymore than I like the exclusiveness of the person of Jesus, the teaching of the Bible or orthodox Christianity.  But if this story is true, and I have come to the conclusion that it is, then it really doesn’t matter whether I like it or not!   The truth is just the truth.   My opinion of the truth does not make it more or less true than it already is. For me, the truth is important.  Matter of fact, the truth is more important than my convenience or happiness.  Truth has the right to impose upon me.  I have come to the conclusion that the truth doesn’t necessarily have to fit between the walls of my cranial capacity or be easy to live with.  But who am I to judge everyone else’s truth?  Why are my truth claims any more important than Oprah Winfrey’s?  Quite honestly, my claims really don’t matter all that much.

Don’t listen to me!

Let me suggest that you listen to the very non- magnanimous Jesus who didn’t allow room for any other religious views.  The fact is, you can’t have the New Testament Jesus and any religious idea you like.  I dare you to read his words in the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) and just take them for what they are.  Don’t twist them.  Just let Him speak for Himself and then ask yourself, “Who ever said the things that He said?”  He does not come off as just another ascended master who found the secrets to the universe.

You’ll have to come to the conclusion that you take him to the exclusion of everything else or you can’t have him at all.  The Apostles died as martyrs declaring this very thing.  They died in Jerusalem, India, Rome and Alexandria, all declaring…

“Salvation is found in no one else , for there is no other name  ( Buddha, Mohammed, Joseph Smith [Mormonism], Jehovah’s Witnesses, Roman Catholicism, Baptist or Methodist ) under heaven and given to men by which we must be saved.”

                                                                              Acts 4:12

“In the past God overlooked such ignorance

(foolish, religious ideas) but now he commands all people everywhere to repent.  For he has set a day when he will judge the world with justice by the man he has appointedHe has given proof of this to all men by raising him from the dead.


                                    Acts 17:30-31

I didn’t make these verses up.