It’s the BULL’S EYE and not the Target

I am finding the beliefs of “Christians” more and more baffling. They seem to think that what one believes is purely subjective. This is at it’s core New Age. New Age thought is the opposite of the Christian faith as given to the Apostles. “I will just add a little of this, a little of that to suit myself.” I will “Christianize” it by giving it some twist.

I am sorry to report that just hitting the target might work in New Age but not in Christianity. Hitting the bulls eye is critical to being what it means to be Christian. Sure, it can be argued that we but “see through a glass darkly” and that’s true. I am not talking about we don’t or cannot know here. I am talking about what is crystal clear. First, Jesus – agreeing with who he is and what he said – is essential to being a authentic Christian. Next, did Paul teach it? This is the next litmus test of Orthodoxy and then finally, did the Apostles endorse it and the Church practice it? Put your beliefs to this test. Those I love, I warn.


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