Resting Upon Their Laurels

Over the years many believers become DUSTY, MUSTY, RUSTY and in some cases LUSTY. Usually there are two underlying reasons for this, sex or in most cases, BITTERNESS. People go on pretending, going through the motions but have lost their first love. Like the Church at Sardis, they “have a reputation for being alive but they are dead!”
How did it happen? It’s never a blow-out and almost always a slow leak. They never wake up one morning, slap their hands together and say, “That’s it! I’m done with it.” They simply pitch their tents toward Sodom and continue to occupy a pew. The rest slides downhill and becomes history. 
It usually starts with some small thing like and infraction or an oversight of one kind or another. For people who find themselves entangled in resentment, I suggest they read, “The Bait of Satan.” 
The scriptures advise us to, “Endure hardness as good soldiers of Jesus Christ.” I’m pretty certain the Savior had no reasons to drop-out. We are further counseled to “Quit ye like men!” (Stand up like a man!). Paul, the other Apostles and martyrs had some conviction regarding this. Yet, so many modern saints abandon both post and duty and go on about with the “cares of the world, deceitfulness of riches and the love of other things,” leaving the trenches to the beleaguered few. 
It was David Livingstone who said, “Early in my Christian life I determined to be an exemplary Christian.” After being denied commissioning to the Congo he went anyway and hacked his way into heart of the jungles and the African heart. Upon hearing this news, others wanted to volunteer. The London Missionary Society sent an inquiry to Livingstone telling him that other young men wished to come and join him in his work and could he recommend a safe road. He wrote back, “Keep them at home, I only want men who will come if there is no road at all.” 
The great Presbyterian preacher, Bruce Dunn said this, “They say that Christianity is dead. It’s done for! Well if that’s the case – in the vernacular of the Old West – I’m going out with my guns a blazing!” How about you?
Those I love, I warn.


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