Removing our freedoms by stealth….

Yesterday, there was mention of our four freedoms. One of those was “The Freedom of Speech.” Come on now, give me a break. Who believes this anymore. “Oh, that was hateful!” “I was offended by that statement!” Now a person can be destroyed or imprisoned not for what they do but for what they think. The PC thought police have done it. They have socially engineered us into a corner. In Canada it has really degenerated to where, under Human Rights legislation, one can be charged with “Hate Speech.” Christians should take full advantage of this law. If we did, many actors, comedians, newscasters and pundits would be spending a lot of time in court. No one gets beat up more than the evangelical, bible believing Christian. Yet they know they are safe in ripping us to shreds for a laugh. We are compelled to turn the other cheek and to love our enemies. I suggest they try a Muslim in the same way.


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