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NEWS FLASH! Pope offers time off Purgatory

Take thousands of years off of time in the Netherworld. Follow Pope Francis’ “Tweets.” No wonder people believe the Christian faith (Catholicism) is delusion. Get serious. Might I say, much of Evangelicalism is as ridiculous.

Did you ever get one of those emails from Nigeria that promises you millions of dollars from the estate of Aboingo Pakaluba if you will simply start the ball rolling by sending $40,000 to guarantee the transfer of funds? These are both bogus offers which neither the Pope or Aboingo’s widow have the means to deliver. Wise-up! I wish Catholicism would make a vow to go Biblical and straight. It would change the world.


What we can learn from the Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Muslims…

You already know that I have little respect for any of these religious systems nevertheless they can teach our generation of evangelicals a good lesson. Almost everywhere I go people are lamenting the lack of spiritual power and without Him we are on the same playing field as the cults and religions I have just mentioned and all of the others one can think of.

So, what can we do in the meantime? By “the meantime” I mean until we experience an outpouring of Holy Ghost power? It is my guess that we should at least be doing what the Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Muslims are doing. They are not trying to be savvy, cool, relevant and instead they are focused  on clear objectives, dedicated to their cause, undeterred or distracted. They could care less about acceptance or “fitting in.” Part of their MO is not fitting in. They have the right heroes, prerogatives, ideals and measurement for success. Though thoroughly misguided, they are not enthralled or preoccupied by the affections for this present world. 

Recently, a missionary leader complained that young, Americans make lousy missionaries. There is almost a bondage to the American culture. They cannot live unplugged – without sitcoms, internet, and their IPOD’s.

Unlike, the Moravian missionaries who boarded ships with their caskets, contemporary Christians pack it in as soon as they are challenged or dis-privileged in one way or another. They have virtually no tenacity. 

I know prayer is the harbinger of revival. Every major revival movement can be traced back to a movement of repentance and fervent prayer. There is more! We are also able to determine, that before any of this prayer movement began people got sick of the present conditions and abandoned themselves to God. They threw overboard every weight that so easily beset them. “If we want New Testament results, we must do it the New Testament way.”  Attributed to Einstein, this is particularly true for contemporary Christianity, “The evidence of insanity is continuing to do the same things over and over again and expecting a different result.”

Here is the difference between what is  and what could be. J.R. Green in his ” A Short History of the English People,” (1878) wrote the following about the fruit of the Wesley and Whitefield Revivals, “They changed after a time, the whole tone of English society. The church was restored to new life and activity. Religion carried to the heart of people a fresh spirit of moral zeal, while it purified our literature and manners. (I doubt if they would have been reading, “Fifty Shades of Gray”) A new philanthropy reformed our prisons, infused clemency and wisdom into our penal laws, abolished the slave trade, and gave the first impulse to popular education.”

Or what about this report concerning the Cumberland-Kentucky Revivals? Keith Hardman in, “The Spiritual Awakeners from Solomon Stoddard to Dwight L. Moody,” repeats George A. Baxter, then President of Washington College Virginia (1801), “On my way I was informed by the settlers on the road that the character of Kentucky was entirely changed… the most moral place I have ever seen….upon the whole, I think the revival in Kentucky is the most extraordinary that has ever visited the church of Christ… infidelity was triumphant and religion was on the point of expiring. Something extraordinary seemed necessary to arrest the attention of a giddy people who were ready to conclude that Christianity was a fable and a futurity of delusion…The revival has done it. it has confounded infidelity, awed vice into silence, and brought numbers beyond calculation under serious impressions.”

We pretty much get want we expect and deserve.



Removing our freedoms by stealth….

Yesterday, there was mention of our four freedoms. One of those was “The Freedom of Speech.” Come on now, give me a break. Who believes this anymore. “Oh, that was hateful!” “I was offended by that statement!” Now a person can be destroyed or imprisoned not for what they do but for what they think. The PC thought police have done it. They have socially engineered us into a corner. In Canada it has really degenerated to where, under Human Rights legislation, one can be charged with “Hate Speech.” Christians should take full advantage of this law. If we did, many actors, comedians, newscasters and pundits would be spending a lot of time in court. No one gets beat up more than the evangelical, bible believing Christian. Yet they know they are safe in ripping us to shreds for a laugh. We are compelled to turn the other cheek and to love our enemies. I suggest they try a Muslim in the same way.


Dwarfed by Trivia

I have pretty much decided that if it were not for sex ( all kinds of it), vulgar, eighth grade level language, poo-poo humor and bizarre Hollywood antics (most too insane to discuss here), network television have nothing to air. I believe this old adage to be true, “What one attaches themselves to is what they become.” Even better, “Garbage in – garbage out” and “we are what we eat.” Suppose all of us step back, tell ourselves the truth, Consumed by trivia, we have become a nation of imbeciles. Hardly anyone has the capacity for a serious thought. Media and entertainment have turned our collective brains into mush.



EVERY MAN WILL HAVE TO GIVE ANSWER FOR FOR HIS OWN SOUL. We (even Christians) have lost our sense of shame. 

Why I oppose the word “MARRIAGE” being used for homosexual unions. Some twenty years ago one of my old friends “came out.” I met him on the street and inquired how he was and how he was doing. He said fine and had changed his job. I said, “What are you doing now?” He told me that he had a great job working for a homosexual lobby called, “Synergistics.” “What do you do?”I inquired? “I am paid to find the best homosexual spokespersons I can and get them into mainstream media. In twenty years, we hope to ‘normalize’ homosexual relationships.” The specific word, “Marriage” is the only word that would accomplish that goal. They may have normalized homosexuality, but they will never ” naturalize” it. It is sin. It is no worse a sin than any other sin, but is, nevertheless, sin. I will not call good, evil nor will I call evil, good. 

Jesus said, 
“I have not come to bring peace, nay, but a sword, for this gospel will separate members of his own household, brother against brother.” 
“Tho hand join in hand, the wicked shall not go unpunished.” 
“There was no judge in Israel so every man did what was right in his own eyes.” 

I believe that I will be held accountable for my loyalty to the Word of God. “Hhiiiiisssss…”But, did God say?” The answer comes from the very lips of Jesus in the wilderness, “It is written…It is written…It is written.” ROMANS 1:32 “Who knowing the judgment if God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, NOT ONLY DO THE SAME, but have pleasure in them that do them.” Those that I love, I warn.


Resting Upon Their Laurels

Over the years many believers become DUSTY, MUSTY, RUSTY and in some cases LUSTY. Usually there are two underlying reasons for this, sex or in most cases, BITTERNESS. People go on pretending, going through the motions but have lost their first love. Like the Church at Sardis, they “have a reputation for being alive but they are dead!”
How did it happen? It’s never a blow-out and almost always a slow leak. They never wake up one morning, slap their hands together and say, “That’s it! I’m done with it.” They simply pitch their tents toward Sodom and continue to occupy a pew. The rest slides downhill and becomes history. 
It usually starts with some small thing like and infraction or an oversight of one kind or another. For people who find themselves entangled in resentment, I suggest they read, “The Bait of Satan.” 
The scriptures advise us to, “Endure hardness as good soldiers of Jesus Christ.” I’m pretty certain the Savior had no reasons to drop-out. We are further counseled to “Quit ye like men!” (Stand up like a man!). Paul, the other Apostles and martyrs had some conviction regarding this. Yet, so many modern saints abandon both post and duty and go on about with the “cares of the world, deceitfulness of riches and the love of other things,” leaving the trenches to the beleaguered few. 
It was David Livingstone who said, “Early in my Christian life I determined to be an exemplary Christian.” After being denied commissioning to the Congo he went anyway and hacked his way into heart of the jungles and the African heart. Upon hearing this news, others wanted to volunteer. The London Missionary Society sent an inquiry to Livingstone telling him that other young men wished to come and join him in his work and could he recommend a safe road. He wrote back, “Keep them at home, I only want men who will come if there is no road at all.” 
The great Presbyterian preacher, Bruce Dunn said this, “They say that Christianity is dead. It’s done for! Well if that’s the case – in the vernacular of the Old West – I’m going out with my guns a blazing!” How about you?
Those I love, I warn.


It’s the BULL’S EYE and not the Target

I am finding the beliefs of “Christians” more and more baffling. They seem to think that what one believes is purely subjective. This is at it’s core New Age. New Age thought is the opposite of the Christian faith as given to the Apostles. “I will just add a little of this, a little of that to suit myself.” I will “Christianize” it by giving it some twist.

I am sorry to report that just hitting the target might work in New Age but not in Christianity. Hitting the bulls eye is critical to being what it means to be Christian. Sure, it can be argued that we but “see through a glass darkly” and that’s true. I am not talking about we don’t or cannot know here. I am talking about what is crystal clear. First, Jesus – agreeing with who he is and what he said – is essential to being a authentic Christian. Next, did Paul teach it? This is the next litmus test of Orthodoxy and then finally, did the Apostles endorse it and the Church practice it? Put your beliefs to this test. Those I love, I warn.